Thursday, 4 October 2007

Postcard "Main Street, Bruff

Click on Picture to enlarge. Postcard, b/w, Photo J.J. Hurley "Main Street, Bruff, Co. Limerick. Posted 1910

Postcard, b/w, matt; wide white margin across the bottom in which, printed in red, is the title "Main Street, Bruff, Co. Limerick." at left, with "Photo. by J.J. Hurley." at right. View along a row of six or seven shops; in centre foreground an open top small car is parked against the kerb with two men sat in it looking at the camera; the car is outside Healy's shop and outside it three boys hold bicycles, while a boy a girl and a bearded man look on; an by an upper window of the shop is a sign for Ariel cycles and a partially legible sign in a downstairs window shows that the shop sells bicycles; it also sells pitchforks and shovels bundles of which lean against the window, further down the street two women look out of a shop doorway and further again are some barrels on the pavement. Reverse printed in brown; at centre top "Post Card, with a short underlining and short vertical line which has been continued in ink to the base of the card by the sender; to left of centre "This Space for Correspondence only; to right "Address only here"; box for stamp at top right largely obscured by stamp. Red one penny postage revenue stamp of Edward VII . Circular black cancellation "Kilmallock/ 10 PM/ DE 17/ 10" with a small part of the same stamp repeated below. Addressed to Mr. John Carroll, c/o Mrs J.G. Wilson, 304 West 144th St., New York City, America, from M. Hogan Holycross 17.12.10, wishing a happy Christmas. Pencil dealer's marks "Lim" at top left, "L. Post '89" above address, and "£20 at bottom to right of centre.

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